October 18, 2012

What Is Left Is Right Available Now

Available now on Bandcamp.com Complete with 14 Pages of Artwork and Notes, High Quality Audio Files and a unique image for every song. Listen, Share, Repeat.

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April 18, 2012

Dan and Tim Interviewed on BlogTalkRadio

we did an interview about the new record and the band. listen to Jonny from the mission veo hula hoop, Dan and Tim pretend to know what they're talking about and 2 new tracks.

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October 8, 2011

Leading The Heroes Q and A on New Times

Here’s the link with a comments from each of us. Let us know what you think or if you have any follow up questions in the comment section!


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October 7, 2011

Gang vocals, acoustic guitars and layers of mandolin.


With the help of the mission veo’s mike leslie and the darling sweets’ lindsey sayre we tracked gang vocals for a few songs. Adam sheets also of the darling sweets was kind enough to lend his mandolin (and donut eating) skills to “this time won’t be the last time”.  We naturally added delay and combined a few layers to get the feel we wanted in the bridge.  We were inspired by the bridge of spinnerette’s “baptized by fire” and we like to think it worked out.

It was still missing something, so mike layed down some carefully placed acoustic guitar and we’re happy to say the song wrapped up rather nicely. All it needs is a violin…

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September 28, 2011

Studio studio studio


Recorded some bridge and verse vocals for “whoever said third times a charm lied” (working title) and mike is recording his guitars for “the city”. Finalized (finally) the lyrics and melodies for our song with the mission veo.
More to come!

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September 16, 2011

Hello You.

Rebuilding the website.  in the meantime follow us on twitter and like us on facebook.

If you’re actually here, hello, thanks for coming, let’s chat.  Tea? Coffee?  Bacon?  You’d probably like a bit of news or something.  We are in the process of finalizing 15 songs for our new record as well plans for a mid November jaunt along the east coast.  We’ll be changing the look of the site as well as adding images, moving pictures and things that sound like songs.

So where’s that new album?

About 4 weeks from being finished.  We are pushing for an early November release to coincide with our east coast tour.  In the meantime buy something old, unless you have it already in which case make copies and give it to your friends and enemies of friends (who you say you don’t talk to, but we all know the truth).

Hey weren’t you guys giving away free music?

We were and probably will again, but for now you can pick it up just about anywhere digitally.

Why are there only 3 of you, isn’t there suppossed to be another guy hitting things with sticks?

There is, for now our friend Illia of Fevers and Astari Nite is filling in behind the drumkit.

When are you playing a show in (insert general vicinity)?

Soon?  If you’d like to book us the contact page is the way to go, along with any press or merch inquiries.


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